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What is eLiquid?

Vaping has seen a recent increase in popularity across all sectors of society. More and more companies are popping up every day offering new and delicious eLiquids to suit the tastes of the many vaping enthusiasts across the country, but not all of them are the same. Many eLiquid producers are more concerned with getting new flavors out there as quickly as possible than they are with the quality of their products.

What is eLiquid

Every eLiquid contains a few base ingredients in addition to either natural or artificial flavors. The best base ingredients are propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Often nicotine is added, along with one or more other flavors, to help cigarette smokers cut back on their nicotine intake slowly.

Propylene Glycol Vs Vegetable Glycerin

When it comes down to it, the choice between propylene glycol eLiquids and vegetable glycerin products is one of personal preference. Many users find that while vegetable glycerin can distort the flavor of their eLiquid, propylene glycol offers a noticeably truer taste. However, vegetable glycerin produces thicker clouds of vapor, which can offer a more satisfying experience to some users.

Nicotine Strength

Most eLiquid manufacturers offer their products in six standard nicotine strengths. These range from 0MG up to 24MG. The reasoning behind the different strengths of nicotine is that those who are using vaping as a means of reducing nicotine intake are able to slowly wean themselves off of it more easily than they could smoking regular cigarettes, dramatically increasing rates of successful quits.

High-Quality Ingredients

The only way to end up with a high-quality product is to start out with high-quality ingredients sourced from US manufacturers. Whether an eLiquid contains nicotine or not, it should be made using only the highest quality ingredients. Companies that source their ingredients from around the world may not be as concerned with quality as those that source exclusively US-grown and produced products.

Buying eLiquids Online

While some retailers do carry eLiquids for vaping, they often don’t offer the kind of selection that can be found online. Truly discerning vapers appreciate the variety offered by online retailers. They can visit the site for ordering information.